Fastest Dog in the World

10 Breeds of the fastest dog in the world and small info about them. Dogs are the most common pets in the world. So people also what to know their dog’s quality especially speed.

#1 Greyhound

The Greyhound is the fastest dog. Their tall stature makes for a beautiful picture as they speed by at 45 mph. They are one of the most gentle breeds ever and are just as happy in pursuit of their favorite small animal as you are.


#2 Saluki

The Saluki has a top speed of 42 mph. They have been running for thousands of years. The sighthound was bred to chase rabbits but is happy to be a family pet. They can be taken for a run or swim. They are happy to be the best companion.


#3 Afghan Hound

The Afghan Hound is 40 mph. The fur is waving in the wind as they pass you. The pup is tall and elegant and will run to the couch as quickly as they chase a small game. They love to go and relax. The kid-friendly pup has it all.

Afghan Hound

#4 Vizsla

What about looks, intelligence, and speed all rolled into one? The dog is built like a rock. This dog is very thin, but full of muscles and can be your best friend. Ask them anything and they will do it. Keep up with this 40-mph runner.


#5 Whippet

A top speed of 40 mph is just a walk in the park for the Whippet. The medium-sized dog is full of charm but needs to be quick with hugs before they are off again. This dog was bred to hunt small rodents. They won the prize for the fastest dog.


#6 Jack Russell Terrier

Is a small dog in your future? Do you need a companion that can run fast? The Jack Russell Terrier is a good choice. Thirty-eight miles per hour is fast enough for most hunters. This little pup can keep up with a jogger, even though they were bred to chase the fox.

Jack Russell Terrier

#7 Dalmatian

You don’t need to call the doctor if you see spots before your eyes. The Dalmation might be speeding by. The old 1600s breed is a master at being a trusted companion. If you take a second look, you’ll see that pup is a great addition to your family.


#8 Borzoi

The Borzoi has quick speed and agility. The dog can cruise at 36 mph while it flutters in the wind. This dog has good looks and charisma. They are happy to be on the couch when they aren’t speeding around the yard.


#9 Doberman Pinscher

The Doberman Pinscher is used as a security and police dog because of their ability to chase down criminals with speed and agility. A person on foot is no match for the speed they can reach. They are long, tall, and lean, but love is in their hearts.

Doberman Pinscher

#10 Border Collie

Is it possible to do the work at 30 miles per hour? A Border Collie is a great choice for a family pet. The dog is happy to work or play. Their speed helps them wear out all the energy they have inside. This pup needs lots of exercises.

Border Collie

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