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Lord Shiva:

Lord Shiva or Mahadev is one of the greatest gods worshipped by hindus. Generally, people in the whole world always describe to be good what they believe to be divine. But if you read Shiva Purana completely, then you will not find Shiva mentioned anywhere in it as good or bad. He is mentioned as Sundaramurti, which means ‘most beautiful’. But with this, no one can be more frightening than Shiva.The worst portrayal possible is also found for them. Shiva is even said to roam around on his body rubbing human feces. He went to any extent and did everything that no human could ever think of. If one individual finds all the apparent qualities of this universe then he is Shiva. If you have accepted Shiva then you can go beyond life.The biggest struggle in human life is to choose what is beautiful and what is ugly, what is good and what is bad. But if you only accept this terrible confluence of everything, then you will have no problem.

Yogi, addict and Aghori Shiva

He is the most beautiful and also the ugliest. If he is the biggest yogi and ascetic then also the biggest householder. He is also the most disciplined, the biggest drunkard and addicts. He is a great dancer and also absolutely stable. In this world, every kind of creature including gods, demons, worship them. All the unsavory stories and facts about Shiva were removed for the convenience of the so-called human civilization, but in them lay the essence of Shiva. Nothing is disgusting and distasteful for them. Shiva has practiced like Aghoris by sitting on dead bodies. Ghor means – fierce. Aghori means ‘one that is beyond fierceness’. Shiva is an Aghori, he is beyond fierce. The fierceness cannot even touch them.



Nothing can incite hatred in him. He adopts everything and everyone. Life instinctively embraces and embraces everyone. The only problem is with whom you adopt and whom to leave and this problem is a mental problem, not a problem related to life. Even if your enemy is sitting next to you, then the life inside you will not have any problem with that. Your enemy takes the breath that you take. The breaths left by your friend are no better than the breaths left by your enemy. The problem is only at the mental or psychological level. On the level of existence, there is no problem.

Aghori Shiva – Beyond Love and Compassion

An Aghori is never in a state of love. The spiritual process of this part of the world has never taught you to be loving, kind or compassionate. Here these expressions are considered not spiritual, but social. Being kind and smile seeing the people around you is a family and social courtesy. When an Aghori adopts this existence, he does not adopt it due to love, he is not so shallow, but he adopts life. He looks at his food and feces the same way. For him there is no difference between a dead and alive body. He looks at a decorated body and person in the same sense as a rotten body. The simple reason for this is that he wants to become life completely. He does not want to fall into the trap of his mind or mental thoughts.

Summing Up:

We here are providing you some images of god shiva in hd and images of shiva and parvati. There is no one else in the universe like Lord Shiva.


Har Har Mahadev !!!

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