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Happy Marriage Anniversary Images


Today we are providing you images on anniversary. Marriage anniversary images. If you want to wish someone on their marriage anniversary with best of marriage anniversary images, then you are on the right platform. Here, we provide you best of the anniversary images, marriage anniversary images in hd, happy marriage anniversary images. So pick the images and send them to your loved ones.


Happy marriage anniversary images
Happy Wedding anniversary images


Marriage isn’t only the physical association however it is the profound association, or association of two spirits. Where not just two people get united but the two families get combined. People invite most of their friends, family and relatives.

Marriage is one of the most beautiful occasions in one’s life where one gets his/her life partner.

Images of happy marriage anniversary
शादी की सालगिलह मुबारक

In Hinduism, there is a long process of marriage. But the main ceremony is the 7 Phere or फेरे (7 rounds around the fire). Each round has a vow or pledge.

The first pledge
– The groom promises guarantees the bride that he will be mindful to care of her and the children. Bride promises the groom that she will share the responsibilities with him and look after the family.

The second pledge- The groom promises the bride that he will remain reliable and steadfast throughout the life. Bride promises the groom that she will help every way under the sun.

The third pledge- The groom promises the bride that he will endeavor to acquire thriving and riches the house. The bride promises the groom that she will adore him genuinely and the various men would be secondary in her life. 

The fourth pledge- The groom promises that he will respect both the families and will respect the desires of his wife. The bride promises that she will stand with her husband and will be prepared to forfeit her life for him.

The fifth pledge- Both bride and groom implore god to favor them with satisfaction and healthy kids. Both guarantee each other to be with one another sharing their distresses and bliss.

The sixth pledge- The couple guarantees each other to love and regard each other deep rooted. They implore god to give them an upbeat and long married life.

The seventh pledge- They guarantee that through this custom of 7 promises, they have become a couple joining their spirit. They guarantee to abide by every one of the seven pledges with unadulterated and legitimate aims.

Wedding anniversary images

Happy wedding anniversary images


Summing Up

Marriage is the best gift for anyone where just not two bodies but two souls get united. Where not just two individuals but two families gets united.

So at last I just wanted to say that on the special occasion of marriage anniversary of someone, make them feel special by sending them wishing messages. To help you and make your work easier, we are here. We have provided you marriage anniversary images in this article. Just pick the images and send them to the one having marriage anniversary today.

Wedding anniversary images
Happy wedding anniversary images in hd



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