Happy Dussehra Images 2022

Dussehra images 2022

Happy Dussehra images 2022

happy dussehra wishes

Dussehra Images 2022

Dussehra is celebrated on the death of King Ravana. As per Hindu folklore, Ravana was the ruler of Lanka [Now Sri Lanka] and this he got as a blessing from Lord Shiva for following his strange notion. Ravana thing himself as the ground-breaking ruler on the earth around then. Since he was the victor of Trilok. However, he doesn’t realize that his passing was preplanned by god. This entire episode was about the stealing of Mata Sita [Wife of Load Rama]. Rama was the ruler of Ayodhya and he was in the backwoods as an outcast for a very long time. Furthermore, in the most recent year of their outcast, this occurrence [death of ravana] happen.

What Happen in the Last Year of their Exile?

While finishing the discipline long term he visited practically entire India and toward the end, he was in the southern piece of India [near Sri Lanka ]. Ravana’s relative was administering in a portion of the pieces of India. On one day when they are doing likewise that they do each day. Sister of Ravana [Soupnakha] was wandering in the wilderness she saw Load Rama and due to the reasonableness and shrewdness, she begin to look all starry-eyed at Load Rama. Also, in light of the fact that she was terrible she change her getup by enchantment to intrigue Load Rama. At that point, she straightforwardly propose to Load Rama for marriage But he rejected the offer. Furthermore, when she asked the explanation he answered with the energy about her excellence that I vowed to site for carrying on with the existence with one sovereign. Be that as it may, she was not prepared to comprehend and power Rama. So around then Laxmana [brother of Rama] cut something from the blade and in view of this compelling conduct he through his blade on Soupnakha and cut her nose. And afterward, she come in his genuine outfit and she fled while threatening them from the relative of Ravana. What’s more, on the following day Khara and Dushane [retative of Ravana] assault Rama and Laxmana But Rama and Laxmana effectively kill them. Furthermore, these updates on their passing showed up to ruler Ravana and came to realize that Rama and Laxmana were not on the grounds that they slaughter Khara and Dushane so they come to see them first, and in the wake of seeing Sita he becomes hopelessly enamored with the site and by misdirection, he steels Mata Sita and after a great deal of struggler and by the assistance of numerous obscure individuals Load Rama execute Ravana and got Sita back.

History of Dussehra | Why we celebrate Dussehra

Well, the history of this festival is fall long them I have explained above in this blog. So I recommend you a holy book that will give you the reason for celebrating Dussehra and that is Ramayana. This book consists of the whole life of Lord Rama from his birth to way back to the universe. As it was belives that Lord Rama was an Avatar of Lord Vishnu so there is nothing about their death.


This is little about the death of Ravana. We try to provide a lot of information through images of the Dussehra festival. And for wishing your relatives and friends we also provide happy Dussehra images 2022 and Ganga Dussehra 2022 wishes in Hindi. And we provide data in both Hindi and English both languages so we provide Dussehra images in Hindi too. We also provide a few Dussehra image drawings and happy Dussehra images.

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