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The cow is a domestic aminal and can easily be found in villages in India. The cow is worshiped by Hindus. It gives us milk and even the waste of cows is useful.

essay on the cow

Essay on Cow in English

Cow gives us milk. It has 4 legs, 2 horns, 2 eyes, 2 ears, and a tail. The cow is Omnivorous Animal and ate only plant-based products. Cows are very calm in nature and never harm anyone. Cow milk is beneficial in many ways it keeps us healthy and makes our bones strong. Dung cakes are made of cow dung that is used to burn fire. Even the body of a cow is useful after her death for making leather. Leather is useful in many ways like for making belts, car seat covers, used in guns, etc.

Cows are in different colors like black, white, and orange. The cow is also called “Mata” by Hindus. They are also domesticated for business purposes in villages. People sell cow milk and earn a good sum of money. Their dung is also used as fertilizers in crops by farmers. Cow meat commonly knowns as ‘Beef‘ is eaten in many western countries like France, Brazile, etc. It is one of the most consumed red meat in the world.

The present government of India has taken a lot of measures to protect cows because it is sacred animal according to Hindu mythology. A cow is worshiped by many Hindus on particular occasions. Even a male cow known as ‘Ox’ also helps to plow the field.

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