{3+} Writing best application to the principal for fee concession

Application for fees concession due to financial problems in English


The principal,

St. John School

New Delhi


Date: 06 January 2022

Subject: Application for school fee concession

Dear Mam,

With great respect, I want to say that I am a student of class 6 with roll number 21 in your reputed institution.

My parents are unable to pay my school fees since last month because of coronavirus. My father is a small businessman. Lockdown has affected his business very badly. So he’s unable to bear all the expenses.

Please accept my request. We are currently facing a financial crisis. I can continue to study if you kindly provide me a fee concession.

It will be a very kind gesture. I shall be highly grateful.

Yours obediently


fee concession

Write an application to your principal for fee concession in English


The Principal

Modern Era Public School



Subject: Application for fee concession

Dear Sir,

I beg to say that I belong to a very poor family. My total household income is Rs 5000-6000/ month. My parents are unable to pay my school fees.

I am good at studies and hardworking too. I don’t want to leave my studies. So I request you to kindly grant me a full fee concession.

Kindly allow me a fee concession so that I can continue my studies. I shall be highly grateful.

Thanking You

Yours obediently

Raghav Kumar

Class- 7

Roll No.- 23

Application for fee concession from parents


The Principal

Saint Mary’s convent school


Subject: Application for school fee concession for my ward.

Respected Mam,

With due respect, I want to say that I am the parent of Maria Singh, who is a student in your school’s class 5 and has roll number 25.

Due to an imbalance in my business, I am unable to pay my ward’s school fees. I have been paying all of my child’s fee installments on time and without delay.

Please accept my sincere apologies for the issue and kindly understand my situation right now. My child is a talented student and this situation is affecting her badly. I don’t want to cause her any problem with her studies. So I am requesting you to please provide us with a fee concession for some time.

I will be highly grateful to you.

Yours faithfully

Rohan Bhati

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