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Diwali images 2021

Diwali is one of the most important festivals of Hindus. It is celebrated between the month of October and November.

Why diwali is celebrated?

It is believed that on this day Load Rama return to Ayodhya (Now in Utter Pradesh) after the exile of 14 year. And the people of Ayodhya decorated the whole kingdom by dia (a semi-circle project mainly made of mud or clay).

How many days diwali is celebrated?

Mainly diwali is celebrated only single day. But nowadays it is celebrated on 2 days separated as choti diwali and badi diwali are come on the respected day. This choti diwali come one day before the original diwali.

Need of happy diwali images 2021?

Nowadays no one have such a time to call each and every loved one. So it is easy to send images. You can easily send wishes to 100s of your family, friends, etc by just only a single click.

Why we can’t use text?

Yes, texts also take the same time but through text you can’t express the felling. I mean if you want to send diwali wishes to you love! Then I don’t think you just write {happy diwali to you and your family} this is looking cheap and this is a type of text you can send to your friend too. So you have to something different to show how much you loved her. For you can go on happy diwali images for love, happy diwali images for girlfriend or diwali wishes for love.

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Happy diwali wishes (Caption)

#1 May this diwali bring light in your life…

#2 May you bright like a light…

#3 This diwali your all dreams come true…

#4 May this diwali brings happiness in your life…

#5 Spread love and celebrated this diwali together…

Happy diwali advance 2021?

Diwali wishes start exchange before a week. On images happy diwali in advance is written. So for show more love or for wisher everyone this advance wishes of diwali are send. This advance wishes are very useful for business man or a person who is very busy in his life. As he can send this advance wishes whenever he got a time.

Summing Up

At last i just have a small request for diwali 2021. I am not saying that don’t use fire crackers just don’t you Chinese product like light; candle and also Chinese fire crackers. Use more diyas; by doing so you would not make your house more beautiful but also make someone’s house brighter.

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