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Slap day 2022
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slap day images 2022
happy slap day
happy slap day images
थप्पड़ दिवस
happy slap day 2022

Slap Day

Slap day comes just after valentine’s day. These 14 days for rose day to break up are the start of the formation of a relationship till the end of a relationship. These days are starting somewhere from western countries. But nowadays they are equally celebrated in India.   

Why do we celebrate Slap Day?

As I told in the above Paragraph that it originates from a western country. And everybody knows that England has control over us before 15 august 1947. So from that time, we start celebrating this festival.

Date of Slap day 2022?

These are days have their fixed date. And that is between 7 February to 21 February. And I told before that it comes on the next day of valentine’s. So slap day 2022 is on 15th February (fifteenth February).

Importance of Slap Day Images?

Actually nowadays these days are celebrated like a festival. So you try to give the wishes of slap day to your entire love ones your family, friend, love, crush, relative, etc. You try to serve the maximum you can. So images are only the way of slapping day wishes. That’s why slap day images 2022 are needed.

How to celebrate Happy Slap Day?

Slap day is celebrated by slapping on each other faces. Sometimes it turns into a small fight. But there is a dark truth behind it. As you know that these days are mainly for couples. So slap day is the starting of break up.

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