Florida Democrats chose Representative Charlie Crist as their nominee for governor.

Bet that the former Republican governor who returned to political decency was the best bet to defeat Gov. Ron DeSantis is a Republican.

Mr.Crist will face Mr.DeSantis. The contest was between a centrist and a hard-right conservative.

Democrats believe in the well-known and peaceable Mr. Crist Independent voters and Republicans who are fed up with Mr. DeSantis"s aggressive right-wing policies.

They want a governor who cares about them and who can solve real problems.

Mr. Crist informed supporters accrued in his hometown, St. Petersburg, as he pivoted quick to attacking Mr. DeSantis

But Mr.During the coronaviruses epidemic, DeSantis built his national profile as a Republican eager to fight public health experts.

His political upward thrust has made him a favorite to be the Republican presidential nominee in 2024 and has helped him amass more than 100 million dollars for his re-election campaign.

He reminded the people of Florida that he wouldn't impose coronaviruses lockdowns for very long in 2020. The national spotlight will be on DeSantis.