Perhaps the most exciting thing about Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero was the film’s focus on Gohan and Piccolo

What is Gohan Beast?

Gohan Beast is Gohan’s most powerful new form

Unlike the more straightforward Super Saiyan God forms, this one is based on Gohan’s more animalistic transformations that he had as a child.

How Did Gohan Unlock Gohan Beast?

Gohan achieves Gohan Beast when he sees Piccolo seemingly die in the battle against Cell Max.

Like with the aforementioned transformations that Gohan underwent, and in a very similar manner to his Super Saiyan 2 power-up, Gohan’s power was triggered by traumatic anger.

How Strong is Gohan Beast?

Given that Gohan Beast takes a full-on hit from Cell Max and is completely unfazed, it’s fair to say that this new form is immensely powerful

Gohan Beast proceeds to annihilate Cell Max’s core and destroy the energy ball he was forming, all through the use of a huge Special Beam Cannon

In the lead-up to the film’s release, Toriyama said that Gohan “is stronger than anyone … or so it’s said” and that he simply “hasn’t really gotten a chance to shine” recently.