Measuring racism is not possible. If she had won last night, Laura Loomer would have become the most publicly racist Congressman in the last decade.

The 29-year-old lost her primary election in Florida's 11th Congressional District. There is a person named Daniel Webster who is from Florida.

In the last three elections, the Republican party has received at least 65 percent of the vote in the district.

In the 21st District of Florida, Loomer won a lightweight primary but was badly beaten in the general.

She would have traveled to Washington D.C.

It's indicative of a shift in the GOP after Trump.

It is hard to believe that four years ago she was arrested for protesting getting kicked off the app.

Loomer is the first person to serve in office. She is famous for being a conservative activist.

She has a long history of raw, unprovoked Islamophobia.

She said after 50 people were killed in a New Zealand mosque. Nobody cares about the shooting in New Zealand.

The fact that Americans are being silenced is something I care about.