Pink Venom is Out

Pink Venom is Out


According to Blackpink, “Pink Venom” was chosen as the pre-release single because the track expresses their identity as a group the best 

“Since our album’s title is Born Pink, we wanted to relay our identity in the song as much as we could,” said Jennie

“I remember the first time I listened to the song in our studio,” recalled Rosé.

The music video for “Pink Venom” is reportedly the most expensive music video YG Entertainment has ever produced.

“In terms of our music video, there’s an impactful dance break at the end, and the set is just amazing,” shared Lisa 

Today Blackpink held a global Press Conference gor "Pink Venom"

They were careful about not giving away too many details about Born Pink 

“It was our sixth anniversary [this year], time flies,” said Jisoo