Richard Engel announced the passing away of his six-year-old son, Henry Engel due to Rett Syndrome.

Engel announced the news of his son's demise via Twitter

In an obituary Engel mentioned that his son suffered from Rett syndrome, a rare and incurable genetic disorder

As per the obituary, the six-year-old passed away on August 9

As per Boston Children’s Hospital " There’s no cure for Rett syndrome"

The syndrome is a rare genetic neurological and developmental disorder that hinders the brain’s functionality

The syndrome affects motor as well as linguistic skills

While the disorder mostly affects female children, it has been also seen in male babies

The cause of this syndrome is the MECP2 gene’s mutation

It also causes the MECP2 protein to malfunction

MECP2 protein is essential for brain development

An accurate representation of life expectancy is impossible to figure out as of now

As per Rett Syndrome News, some of the affected individuals have even reached their 40s and 50s.

The rarity of the disease is also one reason why the research to find a cure is taking so long