The only known one-handed player in the history of the National Football League is calling it quits.

In a self-written post at The Players' Tribune, he announced his retirement from football, but he's not leaving the league.

At a recent meeting with the league's commissioner, he accepted a position to assist retired players.

Helping to mentor current and former players on how to navigate mental health issues and everything from the transition into and out of the game.

It's a resource to provide steering and support to players in something they might be going via or trying to acquire, inclusive of helping with community provider projects.

During Super Bowl week, he had a conversation with Goodell and a few other people, which helped him see his path to this next phase of his life.

On the morning of his retirement, he appeared on Good Morning Football to talk about the next stage of his journey.

"Plan A, for me, was always to help people," he said.

I always want to pave that way to help anyone, even though I don't know how it will look or how it will come about.

My dad preached to us that 'Plan B is football', because my mom was always helping someone.