A perfect life?

 Jon Bon Jovi is talking about how to have a perfect life.

Rock Legend

The singer and his band have sold more than 130 million copies, he is a millionaire, handsome, has great hair, and he is pleasant, generous and committed.

Happily Married (since 1989)

The singer has a perfect family and  have four wonderful children who never give them trouble

The Scare That No One Expected

Jon is father, and attentive to her, but he could not prevent her daughter from falling into the pit of substance use.

I was 19 Years Old

She was only 19 years old when it happened. It was Jon Bon Jovi's worst moment as a father.

Unaware of his Daughter’s Addiction

He said that he was as surprised as the next parent to find out about it.

At Hamilton College

One night, when she was in her bedroom, she overdosed on a highly dangerous substance that left her unconscious on the floor

First thing: call dad

Young woman spent hours without responding until the doctors saved her life. When she could, she called her father.

When you wake up, shake your head and tell him that everything is fine.

“The worst moment of my life”

Misdemeanor Charge

It was a talk between father, mother and daughter, but before that, she and her friend were charged

‘Good Samaritan Law’

Good law that prohibits prosecuting someone who has been affected by excessive substance use

Family Recovery

It was even easier with the family. Jon Bon Jovi said it was an opportunity to learn and show it to the world