{500+} words best long essay on- Work is Worship

Essay on Work is Worship

Work is duty and worship is an emblem of sincerity, devotion, honesty, dedication, and concentration.

When we do our work with full interest and dedication it gives us a good feeling of satisfaction, happiness, and joy. It is well said that “Hard work is the key to success”.

We can achieve our goal by doing hard work. Working is a natural characteristic of a human being and he can live a great life by doing smart and hard work and living his life more meaningful.

No work is demeaning or low, all works are great works, even if it is a small one. We have to respect the work whatever we are doing.

A good worker works tirelessly without thinking about the outcome. When a man works sincerely, he gets success in life.

He can succeed if he works honestly. So, work and worship are very much alike.

Life, given by God is very beautiful. We have provided all the necessary things which are required to live a happy life.

Abraham Lincoln commented that if God did not want us to work, he would not have given us hands, Truly, work is worship is a proverb that tells us that work is real worship.

From the day we arrived on this planet till the day we are dead, we work. We cannot survive without doing any work. Without it, our life is a waste.

work is worship

We have to respect the work we are doing and it does not matter what type of work it is. Man is the most intelligent and skilled creation of God.

Man is the only animal on this planet that has a skill capable to find the way in any difficulties by doing hard work.

If we are not getting any benefit from the work we are doing and it is only helping other people then it is worth doing.

We are human beings, helping another human being is our first and the foremost duty of ours. Doing no work is the worst thing because it is rightly said that “An idle man’s brain is the devil’s workshop”.

Without work, life becomes dull and meaningless. It gives us a motive for our life and a way to fulfill our needs.

All the successful people in this world who have achieved success in their life is just because of their hard work.

It is said that if a hard-working person puts his/her hand to the soil, it will become gold, and if the lazy person will touch the gold, it will become clay.

If people understand the true meaning of work then it will surely change their life positively and help them to face the tougher challenges in their life.

Sometimes we love to work but sometimes we hate it but we still do it anyway.

Different work has a different value in this world, some people work very hard and put a very large amount of time in their work but they get very less money but some do little work and put less time in it and they get a large amount of money.

For example; work done in the offices, factories, etc have more value than the work done in fields, laboring, etc. By doing very hard work thoroughly we can achieve anything in life even we can lay the foundation of great culture and civilization.

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